аguirre do not find el dorado, but josh found el dorado on the "illuminated paths";

my own version of legend story about a mythical city of gold..

"el dorado" album is available to buy on (limited edition 25) compact cassette tape (INCLUDES TWO BONUS TRACKS // CASSETTE ONLY) via
"illuminated paths" label : illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/el-dorado

Robinson Crusoe (lost soundtrack) by x.y.r. & Synergy Orchestra ~~

~ robinson crusoe (lost soundtrack) by x.y.r. performing by synergy orchestra! live performance at freedom palace , st.petersburg, 27 march part 1.

mixtape for W Λ V E S ~~

                                                       "~my favorite tunes in my mixtape for lovely WЛVES ~

00:00 casino hearts - swam so far out
01:00 x.y.r. - conquistador
04:55 magnétophonique - ghosts dance
06:40 metro riders - metro riders
09:20 ssaliva - matta
11:55 lee noble - retreat, abandon
13:15 monopoly child star searchers - nightflight in the southern hempisphere
17:00 guenter schlienz - hvar
21:20 cliffsides - echolocation
26:40 oliwa - after night, before sunrise

when aguiree finds el dorado ?

some previews from upcoming release:

what do you think about? uh?

"arktika" new release by x.y.r.

new cs release by x.y.r. (valdimir karpov's one-man project ) is available now on  constellation tatsu !
available to buy as part of spring batch ..
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also stream/ free download/ here

hope u enjoy/*

..message in a bottle from Robinson that you once found on the seashore;

new cassette release by x.y.r. (Vladimir Karpov's one-man project) is available now!!

all music was made in period feb - sep 2013 (at my bedroom in St.Petersburg, Russia)
used stuff: analog synth formanta-mini, pedal effects, loop station, mic and field rec.
"big calm" it's like a message in a bottle from Robinson that you once found on the seashore;

!!! each cassette contains a special coupon for free private bonus track download !!!

buy the cassette on singapore sling tapes label
stream /free download

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microphones in the trees
блуждающая аудиозапись

mic in the trees :best releases 2013

"Dinosaur, Bubblegum and Huckleberry Friend" mixtape cassette!!

track "calm in trees"  by x.y.r. included in "Dinosaur, Bubblegum and Huckleberry Friend" mixtape cassette by "Singapore Sling Tapes" label .. enjoy and buy  the cs here: singaporeslingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/dinosaur-bubblegum-and-huckleberry-friend 
and ofsite: singaporesling.grrrbzzz.com/record/mixtape