!! beko single is available! hooray!!

beko_95 2muchachos available for free download here:http://beko-dsl.com/

review by their bated breath
The a-side, “I’m Not Afraid of Cold Air”, is bewildering in it’s sedateness. A light female vocal track hangs like frost in the air, just below colorful and humming synth notes. It’s really a masterpiece, and a lesson in just how much can be done with subtlety. It’s one of the better songs I’ve heard this year. The b-side, “Playground”, opens with dreamy reverb keyboard, birds chirping in the distance. The tones begin light and airy before unfolding into dark hues, soft highlights and shifts in frequency. It’s gorgeous. – David D. Robbins Jr.


beko_95 2muchachos

a_ i'm not afraid of cold air
b_ playground (nostalgia)

reviews of "Teplaja" EP!!

so beautiful reviews of 2muchachos new ep "Teplaja"on IRM(indierockmag.com) and "long time ago" video on ToMeToTheWeatherMachine website
so tnx rabbit & crawf!
we are very happy with your reviews, these beautiful words warm our hearts <3

last summer dance (new mixtape)

summer is over, leaving the sweet memories of warm days and pleasant moments. is sad and waiting .. so let's dance, the last summer dance to your favorite summer hits. Goodbye summer, see you next year;

last summer dance (new mixtape by vivazwei)