‎2muchachos appears in 3 music lists of 2010. First one is the Top 15 best tracks of 2010, released on Parallax Sounds label, 2muchachos has 7 songs in there. Secondly, 2muchachos appears twice in the Top 10 Best Ep's of 2010. Finally, 2muchachos appears in the Top 50 Best Albums of 2010 with a new written review from Parallax. Check it out! ;D

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"Prespring" Ep at number 7!;D
dj Aubrey'S top 10 Free Albums of 2010
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"Formanta" LP at number 16!;D
Indie Rock Mag: 2010 au coin du feu (de camp)
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"Formanta" LP at number 24!;D
Favorite Albums of 2010 — Crawf (Tome to the Weather Machine)
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Life through the eyes of the watch track from "Formanta"LP at number 24!;D
Top 30 Musicale de l’année
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