el dorado reissue!

XYR - El Dorado LP (ISLE003) 
REISSUE on vinyl via 12th isle records soon!😇
selection of the tracks on vinyl including the bonus closing piece ‘Aguirre Song’.
Limited edition LP comes housed in screenprinted sleeve. 
shipping out on or around October 28, 2017

PRE-ORDER: https://12thisle.bandcamp.com/album/x-y-r-el-dorado


BREAKING NEWS: i'm honored and delighted to announce a 180g 12" white vinyl release of X.Y.R.'s tourist. Just in time for those end of summer vibes and early fall feelings. Pre-order now and get it in September! Please join us in welcoming X.Y.R. to the Ingrown family.https://qrates.com/artists/Ingrown/items/14122

"labyrint of reflections" first LP + bonus CS by x.y.r.

St. Petersburg seeker Vladimir Karpov coaxes hushed auras of keys, metronomes, fog, and feeling to evoke hazed and isolated realms, traced in altered states. His latest collection – and vinyl debut – maps the maze at “the bottom of the self,” subterranean consciousness manifested from decaying synthesizer and shadowed pulse: music for fading torchlight. Labyrinth leads through six misty, mystic chambers of dreams, drones, delirium, and phasered percussion, spiraling in slow, sacred arcs, in quest of “the inner world.” Tosya Chaikina’s ghost vocals on “False Angel Lullaby” and “Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors” bring a whispered hymnal mood but otherwise the LP is ambient and abandoned, obscure meditations along corridors of candlelit runes, “to find the right path, to find the true answer.”

Adjacent assemblage to the Labyrinth LP, Reflections wanders six more forking paths of smeared Soviet synth, opiated percussion, and phaser fantasia across lost, liquid, looping landscapes. Here the X.Y.R. experience oozes illusion, the morass of memory, and spectral static, crescent tones glimmering against shaded webs of echo and reverberated rhythm. The darkness deepens; the flame flickers; continue.

 "reflections" CS via dublab radio

Labyrinth is now available in digital and vinyl formats, along with *limited edition” companion cassette Reflections, from Not Not Fun

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X.Y.R. - vertigo from Huckleberry Friend on Vimeo.