!! the new compilation album, starring 2muchachos

chillwave for lonely cyclists: the new RussianAdults compilation
the composite term "RussianAdults" refers to a young project from the city of St Petersburg, dedicated to downtempo, lo-fi, or chillwave recordings. its members have just produced an excellent, understated compilation by the name of "Be My Friend Again." It offers sixteen hushed tracks from varioushttp://www.farfrommoscow.com/articles/the-new-russianadults-compilation.html
tnx for kind words.David/*

yeah! we finished!!

wish you all a lot of sun and warmth /*


we have almost finished a new summer 4-track EP "teplaja", which we plan to put into the network during the week and it will be for free download. below you can check out track "bicycle travel" from the EP, also this track entered into a beautiful compilation by Russian Adults. it will be released in june and will free for download.

01 - 2muchachos - Bicycle travel by be my friend again