“forest is not what it seems” album is now available to BUY on LIMITED EDITION CD

“forest is not what it seems” album is now available to BUY on LIMITED EDITION CD (30 cd) via bandcamp!
digipak with exclusive homemade-printed booklet containing illustrations for each song, plus the 11-track CD wrapped in a beige paper 

new album is available now !!!

we were workin' on it for a couple of years - and the digiatal material's all ready now. we just need to fix the final datails for physical release... "forest is not what it seems" LP it’s inspired by the forest. the forest remains a really important and special place. it’s never what it appears to be at first glance; the forest reflects our internal world. it’s embodies what you might call the atmosphere of our subconscious – a state that allows you both to perceive and analyze reality more accurately. hope u enjoy /*

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robinson crusoe (lost soundtrack) tape!!

x.y.r. is Vladimir Karpov's solo-project. All music was made in june 2012 (at home in Cherepovets City, Russia)

robinson crusoe (lost soundtrack)" album is now available to BUY on LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE (limited to 20 copies only!) on SINGAPORE SLING TAPES: www.singaporesling.grrrbzzz.com/record/robinsoncrusoelostsoundtrack
and i highly recommend you purchasing one of them because they will disappear fast!

listen and FREE DOWNLOAD here: http://xyrmusic.bandcamp.com/

new tune on v.a."team olympique"!!

new 2muchachos tune called "forest knows pt.1" included on v.a."team olympique".. this compilation consist ot twelve tracks whose authors, as a great sportsman, have no boundaries but the eagerness to conquer new peaks.

"team olympique" is the collaboration between ritmo sportivo label and big echo blog, a research about the integration of young producers of post-soviet space to a powerful team in series of musical arts. glo-fi, ambient, ghostly two-step, the rhythms of future and the melodies of past come together in a massive collection which will remain in the memory as a photograph of unusual team, for which there is no jury except the audience.

"forest knows pt.1" is the first and main part of the three-pieces track  that will be included in the upcoming LP dedicated to forest (out soon, autumn 2012).
listen and free download here

robinson crusoe (lost soundtrack)

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au premier frôlement de la main (romantic collection)

00:00 upperfields - the furthest thing (o clouds unfold, 2010)
01:20 a grave with no name - your ghost, by the lake (lower pt.iii, 2012)
03:45 animal flag - to my sunshine (everything will be okay, 2012)
06:20 melan! - you (8, 2012)
08:18 9mary - forever and ever (vimeo.com/39652492, 2012)
10:46 maudlin maladies - you are my sunshine (i think it's time for bed, 2012)
13:07 teen suicide - oh my god (dc snuff film, 2012)
14:40 sentridoh - whitey peach (weed forestin', 2012)
16:32 slow loris - madeline (routine glow, 2011)
20:42 zooey - i'm so glad you came this morning (travelin' light, 2010)
23:22 franзois and the atlas mountains - do you want to dance (e volo love, 2011)
26:00 little chords - for you (afterlife, 2012)
28:55 dr. albern - disarm (volume 1, 2011)
32:07 lisbonne - wild at heart (beko_96, 2011 )
34:44 tiny fireflies - your love  (change, 2012)
38:48 tashaki miyaki - all i have to do is dream (tashak it to me, 2011)
42:17 anna domino - land of my dreams (east and west, 1983)
46:20 cool angels - are u real (ft. stef hodapp) (demure, 2011)
49:04 gathered ghosts - went to you (feat. andreanna) (fluttering so sweetly, 2011)
50:16 treeless forest - puerto montt (through the river, through the noise, 2012)
54:40 young magic - night in the ocean (melt, 2012)


bicicleta mixtape ;D

00:00   observer drift - warm waves  (corridors , 2012)
03:05   happy hands club - astrology  (parking lot  , 2012)
06:30   coma cinema - i wanna be adored (stone roses cover)   (v.a. c44 , 2011)
09:20   james & evander - ambigamy   (bummer pop , 2012)
12:25   o.m.d. - telegraph   (dazzle ships , 1983)
15:10   the moments - anorak city (another sunny day cover)   (v.a. c86 , 2012)
17:20   night dew call - last day of youth   (bruno , 2012)
19:25   diktendo - the tune i call november   (sweet & tender as we are , 2006)
22:05   lilacs - solitary   (v.a. c86 , 2012)
24.30   acid house kings - under water  (music sounds better with you , 2011)
26:45   shimmering stars - walk away  (violent hearts , 2011)
29:35   land of blood and sunshine - demon, listen  (into the mystery , 2010)
32:45   tracey ullman - breakaway   (you broke my heart in 17 places , 1983)
35:15   moon tides - swimming   ( , 2011)
37:20   dante elephante - all the time  (german aquatics , 2012)
39:30   pia fraus - moon like a pearl   (sailing on a grapefruit lake , 2005)
41:25   minks - funeral song   (by the hedge , 2011)
44:25   soft powers - panic   (outlandish scandals , 2011)
45:50   galway - air #3   (mria , 2012)
49:30   lotus plaza - remember our days  (spooky action at a distance , 2012)
53:30   caged animals - this summer i'll make it up to you   (eat their own , 2011)
55:25   automelodi - buanderie jazz  (automelodi , 2010)
59:00   motorama - to the south   ( , 2012)
61:15   the teenage idols - here she comes  (the teenage idols , 2002)
64:25   high pop - concrete surfer   (bong rips , 2011)
65:40   night manager - pizza pasta   (pizza pasta , 2011)
67:35   love dance - skisse #3   (best of... , 2012)
69:55   2muchachos - striwi kri4at   (vesnywki , 2012)


new song!! + be my friend again & again !!

2muchachos new song "a place where i feel calm" from upcoming LP, appear in "be my friend again & again vol.2 "

check this compilation of russian home-made music from our friends Russian Adults, i think you should like 

it. You can find also our new track there. Feel free to listen / download / share.


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interview + mixtape for felinno!!

Felinno: How did you meet – and how did you get started making music as 2muchachos?

Vladimir: Dmitry is our guitarist. He and I studied together in school. After that, we got hold of an old synthesizer and – for a joke – invented the name 2muchachos. We were joined by Alexandra; she would just attend our rehearsals and started to sing along. Eventually we bought her a bass guitar.

F: Tell me about your musical background and your main influences…

V: We started studying music way back in our early childhood. I was singing solos even in kindergarten. Dmitry studied the balalaika in his early school years; Alexandra has been singing in choirs since she was 11. So you can see that we all got a serious education! (Laughs) We would all listen to the music from Soviet fairy tales, films and cartoons as we grew up; they were available on records. That material would have a big influence on our taste later on.

Alexandra: My parents played in a band; my Dad was on drums, and my Mom sang or played keyboards.

F: How do you view the Russian independent music scene today?

V: Independent music doesn’t have a big following in Russia. The majority of interesting and talented performers go unnoticed – but they certainly try and support one another. We, for example, are more than happy to help our friends in bands and projects like Ifwe, Valotihkuu, Bedroom Bear, Night Dew Call, I.m.m.u.r.e., Skajite Michilu, Mpala Garoo… etc.

F: What can you tell us about your recording process? I mean the field recordings you use, together with old analog synths, and retro cameras?

V: We record various sounds from nature: bird songs and so on. We do that using a Dictaphone – and turn some of those noises into a backdrop for our music. Other noises are used in producing beats. In “Polaroid Dreams” say, we used the noise of a Zenit camera shutter; in “Northern Sea Ghosts” you find the sound of freezing-cold stones. We just want to share our local atmosphere here with other people. As for old analog synths, we simply like the sound a lot. We’re fond of Soviet synthesizers, like Formanta, Alisa, Elektronika 003, and Maestro. They’ve got a unique, warm sound – and there’s nothing better for transmitting our feelings.

A: The old camera we like best is that Zenit. It reproduces exactly the kind of color range we see (and feel) around us. It all looks like old, faded imagery.

F: The first time I heard your music, I had the lovely sensation of being half-awake, in the middle of some lush, green, landscape. How that relationship between nature and fantasy influence your music or visual style?
A: We get around a lot using bicycles – or sometimes we walk back and forth to a cottage that’s not far from our hometown. It’s in a quiet stretch of forest, not far from the Rybinsk Reservoir. That general location helps us to write music a great deal. We’re generally big fans of nature. We’ll often take a tent and head off to some distant place… You really feel a sense of liberty when you get into those surroundings.

V: Nature and the forest are important to us. They’re the only place where you can feel at ease and distance yourself from the pointless chatter of the city. It’s only when you feel the peace and quiet that you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty and fundamental kindness of nature. That’s the sphere we’d like our listeners to both sense and appreciate.

F: You’ve published a lot of works, each of which is unique in its way, but I’d like to ask about your debut album, “Formanta” (2010). Can you tell me something about that record?

V: It was produced over the course of several years, starting when we first came together. The title comes from the Latin word for “formation,” in fact, and is also the name of a Soviet synth. It’s fair to say that the album has a fixed concept behind it. Everything’s based around a calendar year, beginning in the autumn. Each track flows into the next and the work as a whole reflects our ideas regarding some fundamental issues like time, freedom, dreaming, fear, love, and mutual understanding.

F: So what about the newest work, “Vesnywki!!”?

V: Our mood often depends upon the time of year and our EPs are designed to let us share those same, changing emotions.

A: The EP is our own, special way of saying thanks to those people who’ve inspired us. “Polaroid Dreams” and “Striwi Kri4at” for example, are dedicated to specific individuals. Then there’s the track “Spring Breath” which is a variation of “Forest Breath” – something you’ll find on a forthcoming release.

F: You were recently on the Beko 100 compilation -how was your involvement with that French label? Any other plans to work together?

A: We’ve always liked that label and have corresponded with Reno on Facebook. It was she who wrote and suggested we publish something together. We’ve also collaborated with Reno’s own project, “Press Color.” One of those tracks includes my vocals.

V: We look forward to working more with Beko and will always be glad to collaborate in some form.

F: Can you say a few words about your next album? You say it’s inspired by the forest again?

V: Yes, that’s absolutely right. As we said, the forest remains a really important and special place. It’s never what it appears to be at first glance; the forest reflects our internal world. It’s embodies what you might call the atmosphere of our subconscious – a state that allows you both to perceive and analyze reality more accurately. That new album won’t be as positive in outlook as the EPs. It’s more of a flipside to what we’ve done already. We’ve been working on it for a couple of years – and the material’s all ready now. We just need to fix the final details. We’d like to release it by the end of the summer.

A: When we were recording it, a few bizarre events took place. One night, when we were completely alone in the forest cottage we just mentioned, we were working on the track “Forest Knows.” A huge fir tree – all of a sudden – collapsed on the roof. And then, not long ago, we were discussing some possible artwork for the album, and an owl appeared from nowhere! Maybe they were signs! (Laughs).

"We wanted the tracks to evoke the atmosphere of an old, overexposed photo – something showing a careless, sunny day. We also wanted to share some of our favorite music with people, plus some recent songs – ones that can conjure specific emotions" - 2muchachos.

Felinno Presents:
Guest Mixtape / 2muchachos
Cover Art: 2muchachos

1. Panabrite - Camembert Symphony
Norm Chambers is one of my favorite musicians of the last few years. There’s nothing excessive in his work. Nothing more than what you need to slip away – into your dreams. This is a track from his last album, “Soft Terminal.”

2. Death & Vanilla - The Unseeing Eye
We came across these guys when we found their four-track EP from 2008. Their style and sound, especially the synths, remind us of the UK band Broadcast, whom we love. This is a track from the Beko 100 compilation.

3. Travel Kyoto - Zero Gravity Love Song
This is one of our big discoveries of the last few weeks! If heaven exists, then it probably sounds something like this. I really recommend their new release, “Futurist Haikus and Tiki Dreams.”

4. Zooey - Pique-Nique et Jeux dans l'Eau
We reckon this is the prefect soundtrack to a carefree summer picnic. The track is a new version of something from the EP "Time To Meet Outside."

5. Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
When I first heard this masterpiece, it really blew my mind! I think it’s the band’s best work to date. 

6. Peaking Lights - Lo Hi
We’ve loved this sunny-sounding duo since their “Imaginary Falcons” release. This track is from their forthcoming album “Lucifer.”

7. Dirty Beaches - Highway 1
One of my big revelations from the start of the year, but it sounds like something I’ve known my whole life.

8. Candy Claws - Catamaran
One of our favorite bands. Everything they do is full of warmth and kindness. The track from the 2009 album, “In the Dream of the Sea Life.” 

9. Stereolab - Les Yper-Sound
Classic Krautpop! I remember being younger and often listening to this on a cassette player during the summer holidays.

10. Lisbonne - Nothing New
This wonderful girl has already put out a great single on the Beko label we’re so fond of. That’s when we noticed her and fell under the spell of her innocent songs.

11. Boat Club - Warmer Climes
A balearic duet from Sweden; great music for the summer. We really recommend “Caught in the Breeze” (2007). 

12. Golden Birthday - Start Swimming
Another of this year’s discoveries! A great track to put you in a good mood; it’s got an easy-going but crazy rhythm section, like something taken out of an old video- or computer game.

13. Tops - Diamond Look
A great synth sound here, not to mention the lovely retro-style of the song overall. 

14. Gathered Ghosts - Feels Like Nothing
Sunny pop-harmonies and a warm-sounding track; together those things make me happy!

15. Die Jungen - In the End
One of last year’s favorites. This music sounds like it was written in the distant past. We’re all big fans of their style. Highly recommended!

16. Atlantic at Pacific – Weddings
A track of real genius! Endlessly deep melodies and a really special sound.

17. Eugene Krylatov and Yuriy Entin – Theme music to “Guest from the Future” (1984).
This is one of the melodies with which we grew up. It comes from one of the best-known Soviet TV films for kids. Whenever it was broadcast, the streets would be empty! Children everywhere were glued to the television.

18. Married in Berdichev - Light Comes
Brittany Gould’s solo-project. Lovely, fleeting melodies – they’re just like some dreamy, unfocused state of being half-awake. It sounds like Grouper (Liz Harris), whom we love so much… but sunnier.

ENJOY   and  DOWNLOAD                               original posts via FELINNO


vesnywki!! EP

only when u hear 
the singin' of a titmouse 
u feel the spring 
that spring just like the children's photo album;

dear friends!! spring mood and warmth /*

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..are not what they seem

2muchachos track "are not what they seem" from forthcoming LP about forest(out soon)is part of lovely beko_100 compilation!!

в пурпурном сияниИ /*

we just recorded Alexandra's vocal for the track "Purpurine", a new project Press Color by Reno from lovely friended, but finally closed digital label BEKO.
Press color album in may/june
Press Color - Purpurine ( в пурпурном сияниИ) feat. 2muchachos by whispering glades