аguirre do not find el dorado, but josh found el dorado on the "illuminated paths";

my own version of legend story about a mythical city of gold..

"el dorado" album is available to buy on (limited edition 25) compact cassette tape (INCLUDES TWO BONUS TRACKS // CASSETTE ONLY) via
"illuminated paths" label : illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/el-dorado

Robinson Crusoe (lost soundtrack) by x.y.r. & Synergy Orchestra ~~

~ robinson crusoe (lost soundtrack) by x.y.r. performing by synergy orchestra! live performance at freedom palace , st.petersburg, 27 march part 1.

mixtape for W Λ V E S ~~

                                                       "~my favorite tunes in my mixtape for lovely WЛVES ~

00:00 casino hearts - swam so far out
01:00 x.y.r. - conquistador
04:55 magnétophonique - ghosts dance
06:40 metro riders - metro riders
09:20 ssaliva - matta
11:55 lee noble - retreat, abandon
13:15 monopoly child star searchers - nightflight in the southern hempisphere
17:00 guenter schlienz - hvar
21:20 cliffsides - echolocation
26:40 oliwa - after night, before sunrise