growing beard (hibernation mix)

90 % hits!! for losers only; including sea oleena, birds of passage, gem club, kurt vile and 2muchachos (new track)

tracklist and all info via LJ
download 95.6 mb

new demo from upcoming LP;

we have made a new track that will be included in upcomin' LP about forest (release is planned in january-february 21012). hope u enjoy;

2muchachos plays Beko

we have a mixtape-tribute for friendly lovely Beko Digital Single Label.
here is the 10-track collection of our fav tracks released on Beko

2muchachos plays Beko_ by tribute to beko____

it rained all night....

soundtrack for a lonelyrainynight...
new mixtape by alexandra here

!! beko single is available! hooray!!

beko_95 2muchachos available for free download here:

review by their bated breath
The a-side, “I’m Not Afraid of Cold Air”, is bewildering in it’s sedateness. A light female vocal track hangs like frost in the air, just below colorful and humming synth notes. It’s really a masterpiece, and a lesson in just how much can be done with subtlety. It’s one of the better songs I’ve heard this year. The b-side, “Playground”, opens with dreamy reverb keyboard, birds chirping in the distance. The tones begin light and airy before unfolding into dark hues, soft highlights and shifts in frequency. It’s gorgeous. – David D. Robbins Jr.


beko_95 2muchachos

a_ i'm not afraid of cold air
b_ playground (nostalgia)

reviews of "Teplaja" EP!!

so beautiful reviews of 2muchachos new ep "Teplaja"on IRM( and "long time ago" video on ToMeToTheWeatherMachine website
so tnx rabbit & crawf!
we are very happy with your reviews, these beautiful words warm our hearts <3

last summer dance (new mixtape)

summer is over, leaving the sweet memories of warm days and pleasant moments. is sad and waiting .. so let's dance, the last summer dance to your favorite summer hits. Goodbye summer, see you next year;

last summer dance (new mixtape by vivazwei)

what form of clouds do you see?

beautiful soundtrack for relaxing, when u're lying in a field and admiring the clouds..
new mixtape by alexandra here

thermal shock !! %)

new weed chill-mixtape for relax ; including artists like pure x, panabrite, die jungen, peaking lights, sun araw, hype williams and more..
and 2muchachos track "magic tanner" from "teplaja" EP

enjoy/download here: vivazwei

"magic tanner" takes from "teplaja"EP appears on..

audiocast "unseen" by soundtracks2 blog (Apparat, Moonface, Swirlies, Younghusband, Centro-Matic, Lunch & more..)

2muchachos spotted in ..

Приятная беседа с на тему, что такое русская домашняя
музыка, компиляции "Be my friend again" и ifwe, а так же о поездках к
бабушке, денди и меморигейзе.

!! the new compilation album, starring 2muchachos

chillwave for lonely cyclists: the new RussianAdults compilation
the composite term "RussianAdults" refers to a young project from the city of St Petersburg, dedicated to downtempo, lo-fi, or chillwave recordings. its members have just produced an excellent, understated compilation by the name of "Be My Friend Again." It offers sixteen hushed tracks from various
tnx for kind words.David/*

yeah! we finished!!

wish you all a lot of sun and warmth /*


we have almost finished a new summer 4-track EP "teplaja", which we plan to put into the network during the week and it will be for free download. below you can check out track "bicycle travel" from the EP, also this track entered into a beautiful compilation by Russian Adults. it will be released in june and will free for download.

01 - 2muchachos - Bicycle travel by be my friend again

bicycles (open season)!!

fresh sunny mixtape for cycling and hiking hilarious by Vladimir (vivazwei).
the compilation includes a new track from 2muchachos, taken from the upcoming summer EP, a release which is planned for early june.

russian adults about us!

kind russian words about 2muchachos from Russian Adults music blog (one of the most interesting blogs writing about the latest trendy music ;P)
enjoy here
spsb Alexandr

cookies from Alpha Couple!

see what beauty we have received from our friends in Canada! so sweet and kind artwork! there's even a funny little postcard-comic about "r" especially for us! is by their friend Triumphene. Kristel and Mark have done and shared with us, these two make a very nice music as experimental duo of "Alpha Couple". they have recently released the album "Stalingrad", which you can listen and download here

new vid !

we finally made ​​a new music video for the track "polyethylene tree" (track taken from 2010 debut album "formanta", released on the Parallax Sounds label.) video showing the reflection of the person confronting the impact of external factors of society and how it is important not to succumb to public opinion.

new preview!!

we are currently working new stuff for upcoming album (dedicated to the forest), which we plan to finish by the end of summer, and while you can listen to a couple of fresh tunes! hope u like;)

lost in the mist by 2muchachos

forest breathe by 2muchachos

winter mixtape

is the latest compilation from Vladimir (vivazwei)dedicated to the long russian winter and
Trish Keenan the singer of british band Broadtsast (R.I.P.)
if you like it, then listen to the previous compilations, and from Alexandra
(andra ljos)

enjoy "endless winter now" mixtape


‎2muchachos appears in 3 music lists of 2010. First one is the Top 15 best tracks of 2010, released on Parallax Sounds label, 2muchachos has 7 songs in there. Secondly, 2muchachos appears twice in the Top 10 Best Ep's of 2010. Finally, 2muchachos appears in the Top 50 Best Albums of 2010 with a new written review from Parallax. Check it out! ;D

tnx & happy new year!

"Prespring" Ep at number 7!;D
dj Aubrey'S top 10 Free Albums of 2010
tnx Kristel /*
"Formanta" LP at number 16!;D
Indie Rock Mag: 2010 au coin du feu (de camp)
tnx Rabbit /*
"Formanta" LP at number 24!;D
Favorite Albums of 2010 — Crawf (Tome to the Weather Machine)
tnx Crawf /*
Life through the eyes of the watch track from "Formanta"LP at number 24!;D
Top 30 Musicale de l’année
tnx Sébastien /*