thermal shock !! %)

new weed chill-mixtape for relax ; including artists like pure x, panabrite, die jungen, peaking lights, sun araw, hype williams and more..
and 2muchachos track "magic tanner" from "teplaja" EP

enjoy/download here: vivazwei

"magic tanner" takes from "teplaja"EP appears on..

audiocast "unseen" by soundtracks2 blog (Apparat, Moonface, Swirlies, Younghusband, Centro-Matic, Lunch & more..)

2muchachos spotted in ..

Приятная беседа с на тему, что такое русская домашняя
музыка, компиляции "Be my friend again" и ifwe, а так же о поездках к
бабушке, денди и меморигейзе.