good news - spring is coming!

Spring is coming, with it finally comes out our debut album “formanta” on the label Parallax Sounds, which we are waiting.
There comes thaw, the first snowdrops appear soon
. We have accumulated new stuff, which is devoted to this. We decided to release pre-spring EP of the forthcoming album. Also it will include an acoustic version of “dreaming girl” and an early version “vremja tepla” (from the album “formanta”). You can download pre-spring EP here or here

In addition we have prepared a special version of EP on cd-r 3,5’ (4 tracks + bonus video) with exclusive hand-made artwork. write to e-mail:


There was a boy, pure like spring water, fair like summer sky.

He gave people his warmth and kindness.
But people only treated him with disdain and misunderstanding.
He was in complete despair and thought that this world was not the place where he belonged, but one day he met a boy who was just like him, who shared his ideas and feelings.
They joined together and decided to rectify the ways of this cruel world. They wanted to make people kinder, but an evil wizard bewitched them stealing their voices away.

Yet they did not give up and proceeded with their good deeds using the only means they had – music – enriching it with their feelings and emotions.
They met no understanding at first, but once they saw a fair maiden, who loved their enchanting music.
She said that she felt the warmth and kindness of it, and wished to help them. She came along to play with them time after time, and one day their music became so glorious, that the witchcraft was gone.
At that moment they understood that together they are capable of many things.
Soon their music, thoughts and feelings found response in the hearts of the people of their kind.


boy #1 Vladimir
boy #2 Dmitry
fair maiden Alexandra


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andra ljos