"formanta" so beautiful review !!

so pleasant and heartfelt words about "formanta"! grand merci Kristel /*
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enjoy!! all stuff on 2muchachos's bandcamp !!!

Now you can listen to all tracks in full, including the album "formanta" before downloading or buying here :2muchachos bandcamp

‎!! "aqualung has broken" and "life through the eyes from the watch" appear on:

Beauty and the Beast - Part 2 Cloudcast by 5yN
Part 2 of the set Modeselektor - Vote Or Die Flare - Finite Time Ido - Suzane 2Muchachos - Aqualung Has Broken Troels Abrahamsen - I Run Over School Of Seven Bells - Half Asleep (Lusine Remix) Bomb The Bass - Up The Mountain feat. The Battle Of Land And Sea(Gui Boratto Remix) Olivier Valles ....

symerki appears on :

2muchachos's track "symerki" from LP "formanta" appear on JetFM (french radio)
beautiful mix "desert tears" includes such artists like isan, susumu yokota, gonjasufi, coyote clean up, oOoOO, games ....and 2muchachos;)

also "symerki"‎ is included in awesome and spooky mix: Redneck Haterz!!)
4 hours of spook for the scariest house on the block!
amazing artists like:How To Dress Well, Former Ghosts, 2muchachos, Mater Suspiria Vision, Broadcast and The Focus Group, Charles Manson, Modern Witch, Grouper, ✝NO VIRGIN✝, Inca Ore, Sleep ∞ Over, Indian Jewelry, LAKE R▲DIO, Yoko Absorbing, oOoOO, Peaking Lights, Tiger Lilies, Natural Snow Buildings, High Park, Burial Hex, Pregnancy Pact, dné, GR†LLGR†LL, Unison & more.
also.. you can listen to Formanta in its entirety here:gogoyoko

tnx for rabbit!!

one more review for those who prefer French from IRM

memories of gone summer...

live on the shore of the Rybinsk Lake, 12 august 2010
(song "vremja tepla" from LP "formanta" 2010 parallax sounds label , track "fruity journey" from EP "summer vacation" 2010 self-released )

special day!!

Today is a special day for us! August 30 the release of our debut full length album "formanta" on the "parallax sounds" label. album contains 10 tracks recorded over several years and formed in 2009.
The album features the old vintage 1970's russian synthesizer "formanta" with it's lovely warmth sounds. Each track on the album flows into the next track, it's like you take the first steps into a forest and each track takes you deeper into the forest and takes you on a journey through the seasons cycle. The background noise between each track might suggest the album could of been created outside giving it that field sound recording of a natural vibe.
"Formanta" album will be available to buy on download / digi-lancing pack cd and also available to buy on special handmade digipack cd (Limited to 50 copies only)
or here or write to e-mail: billyfishbrown@yahoo.com


2muchachos track "symerki" from upcoming al'bum "formanta" played on DANDELION - JOHN PEEL RADIO!
Mark Whitby playing Symerki in August show on Dandelion Radio, streaming at a different time each day throughout the month at www.dandelionradio.com. You can find exact times at www.dandelionradio.com/schedule.htm.

also : 2muchachos tracks "thaw" and "dreaming girl" played on Vidroazul Radio!

new summer EP !!

What a summer without music? we thought and decided to create the soundtrack to our own summer. and yes! we did it. perhaps this soundtrack for your summer, too ;)

2muchachos music played on DANDELION - JOHN PEEL RADIO!

Tune into the Mark Whitby show now this month (June) and you will find 2muchachos track "Warmtime" is being played every day for the whole month of June! track is about 1 hour 45 minutes in to the show. You can find out the time schedules and listen to the show here: http://www.dandelionradio.com/
A big thanks to Mark Whitby/Dandelion radio and ofcourse John Peel up in music heaven!

first day of summer !!

We recently dismantled the old records and found this track. it was recorded on one of the jams in a forest-house at the last summer vacation. Dmitry played here on bass, and Alexandra played the guitar. enjoy! ;)

download summer vacation


finally we opened the cycling season. seen as the buds, as awake all alive and getting warmer. we filmed it all on camera, wich took with them.
spring with "thaw" and "snowdrops" from "prespring EP"

waiting for warmtime....

Spring's not comming, and with it the delayed release of our album (release postponed to the end of July). And we are not waiting for the warmtime, armed with instruments and mulled wine, walked into the woods. To the expectation of release and the summer was pleasant to listen to a medley of the forthcoming album.


Hope our winter vacation in the forest home have not been in vain. We played music and experimented with the camera. And finally the result of work done video for the track "northern sea ghosts" from a forthcoming album "formanta"

good news - spring is coming!

Spring is coming, with it finally comes out our debut album “formanta” on the label Parallax Sounds, which we are waiting.
There comes thaw, the first snowdrops appear soon
. We have accumulated new stuff, which is devoted to this. We decided to release pre-spring EP of the forthcoming album. Also it will include an acoustic version of “dreaming girl” and an early version “vremja tepla” (from the album “formanta”). You can download pre-spring EP here or here

In addition we have prepared a special version of EP on cd-r 3,5’ (4 tracks + bonus video) with exclusive hand-made artwork. write to e-mail: billyfishbrown@yahoo.com


There was a boy, pure like spring water, fair like summer sky.

He gave people his warmth and kindness.
But people only treated him with disdain and misunderstanding.
He was in complete despair and thought that this world was not the place where he belonged, but one day he met a boy who was just like him, who shared his ideas and feelings.
They joined together and decided to rectify the ways of this cruel world. They wanted to make people kinder, but an evil wizard bewitched them stealing their voices away.

Yet they did not give up and proceeded with their good deeds using the only means they had – music – enriching it with their feelings and emotions.
They met no understanding at first, but once they saw a fair maiden, who loved their enchanting music.
She said that she felt the warmth and kindness of it, and wished to help them. She came along to play with them time after time, and one day their music became so glorious, that the witchcraft was gone.
At that moment they understood that together they are capable of many things.
Soon their music, thoughts and feelings found response in the hearts of the people of their kind.


boy #1 Vladimir
boy #2 Dmitry
fair maiden Alexandra


contact :

andra ljos