symerki appears on :

2muchachos's track "symerki" from LP "formanta" appear on JetFM (french radio)
beautiful mix "desert tears" includes such artists like isan, susumu yokota, gonjasufi, coyote clean up, oOoOO, games ....and 2muchachos;)

also "symerki"‎ is included in awesome and spooky mix: Redneck Haterz!!)
4 hours of spook for the scariest house on the block!
amazing artists like:How To Dress Well, Former Ghosts, 2muchachos, Mater Suspiria Vision, Broadcast and The Focus Group, Charles Manson, Modern Witch, Grouper, ✝NO VIRGIN✝, Inca Ore, Sleep ∞ Over, Indian Jewelry, LAKE R▲DIO, Yoko Absorbing, oOoOO, Peaking Lights, Tiger Lilies, Natural Snow Buildings, High Park, Burial Hex, Pregnancy Pact, dné, GR†LLGR†LL, Unison & more.

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